Member of BSERC, Legal expert

Ivo is a lawyer, currently heading the legal department of Bulgargaz EAD. He has got sound experience in the field of corporate law, commercial law, commercial transactions, real estate law, contract law, labor law, administrative and criminal law and property transactions, consultations in the field of energy, public procurement and judicial representation in civil, commercial, tax, labor cases.


Financial and economic expert

Maria is the financial manager of BSERC and expert with more than 30-year experience in business and economics in the energy sector. Most of her professional career has been associated with the big Bulgarian energy sector entities – National Electric Company, Electricity System Operator, Electricity distribution company of Pleven. She has organized and managed companies’ financial and economic processes, carried out financial and economic analyses, developed business cases and marketing strategies.

Eng. Dimiter BACHVAROV

Expert in internal combustion engines, financial management and macroeconomics

Dimiter Bachvarov has numerous contributions to research and projects of non-governmental organizations such as the Center for the Study of Democracy, the Center for Economic Development, the Center for Risk Analysis and Management, and others in the field of economy and public finance. After 1989 he was senior advisor and director of the Economic Policy Directorate of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria and in the period 1997-2001 - adviser to the Prime Minister on the structural reforms, energetics and economic balances of the country. As a senior civil servant he directly participated in and led the preparation of analyzes, research, drafting of programming documents and draft laws for state governance purposes in the fields of economy, energetics, privatization and concessions. Mr. Bachvarov has worked with BSERC on the development of regulatory strategies for balanced growth of the utilization of the potential for electricity generation from RES in Bulgaria and has been advising the Centre on its ongoing activities.


Member of BSERC, Expert in projects coordination, communication & dissemination

Vera has been working for the Centre since the dawn of its predecessor – Black Sea Regional Energy Centre in 1996. She has been involved in the implementation of the majority of the projects with the Centre’s participation, funded by different EU and other international and national institutions and programmes, thus gathering extensive experience in project administration and coordination. Furthermore, she has been in charge of the Centre’s communication and stakeholder engagement activities, including preparation and implementation of communication and dissemination strategies, events organization, elaboration of information materials, website and database maintenance, reporting and others.

Prof. Nikola KALOYANOV

Member of BSERC, Expert in heating and cooling, energy efficiency in buildings and industry

Prof. Kaloyanov has over 35 years of experience in the analysis and synthesis of thermal systems and energy efficiency improvement. This includes industrial systems, buildings, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, district heating systems, and renewable energy sources utilisation. He has been Team Leader or Team Member in more than 250 national and 35 international (EC, USAID, GEF, World Bank, EBRD) projects related to energy auditing, building energy modelling and simulation, energy performance evaluation, optimisation studies, demand analysis. He was team leader of working groups for EU harmonization policy and implementation of energy performance of buildings and energy end-use efficiency and energy services directives, regulations, standards, methods and tools in building sector and heat supply, research & development, education, training, demonstration projects, monitoring and reporting.

Prof. Vladimir LAZAROV

Expert in the electrical aspects of RES

Prof. Lazarov is an electrical engineer, head of the Laboratory for Renewable Energy Sources at the Technical University Sofia. The main areas of his professional activities cover the electrical aspects of renewable energy sources – RES, conversion of primary energy resources into electricity – wind energy systems, photovoltaic systems, hybrid RES systems. Prof. Lazarov’s recent project activities have been focused on modelling and testing of the energy conversion chain – primary resources – wind or photovoltaic converters (with the electronic ones) – grid or consumer; predicting the energy production from RES using different methods; compensation of power fluctuations of wind and photovoltaic systems, using gas micro turbines, small pump hydro plants; super capacitors etc.; RES integration in buildings etc.


Member of BSERC, Electrical and regulatory expert

Angel Minev is an electrical engineer with sound experience in combining gas/electricity/heat and EE/RE as part of the work he carried out in harmonizing Bulgarian energy legislation with European Directives in accordance with market liberalization principles. He has also been involved in energy efficiency and RES programmes and demand-side management, sector policy preparation and implementation, including investment analysis, financing models, business plans and feasibility studies for several energy projects.


Manager of BSERC, Chairman of the BSERC General Assembly, Expert in energy economics and policy

Angel is an economist with 18-year experience in the energy field. He has been involved in more than 30 EU-funded (Horizon 2020, IEE, FP7, FP6, etc.) and more than 15 national (Bulgarian) energy policy projects and has gained considerable expertise in the areas of energy policy modelling; energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies, plans, and programmes; energy efficiency service market development; and promotion of sustainable energy solutions in the residential sector.

Angel has been contracted as energy policy expert by the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy, the Sustainable Energy Development Agency, and the National Committee of Bulgaria to the World Energy Council.


Expert in district heating

Ilia Nikolaev is a thermal and nuclear engineer, president of the Bulgarian District Heating Association and of the Industrial Association of Varna, Member of the Consulting Union of the Bulgarian Industrial Association. He has more than 40-year professional experience in the operation and management of the District Heating Companies of Ruse and Varna. He possesses exhaustive knowledge of energy production and heat distribution, energy efficiency, environmental protection, planning, organization, legislation. His main activities have been relating to the elaboration of methodologies for monitoring and evaluation of performance for various investment projects in the DH production and distribution areas; analysis and evaluation of the economic and environmental impact of a wide range of investment projects in the DH sector.

Dr. Teodora PENEVA

Expert in energy poverty

Dr. Peneva is an economist, associate professor at the Economic Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She holds a PhD in energy poverty and is an expert in the EU Energy Poverty Observatory. She has been involved in a number of projects on the subject. Teodora's main expertise covers evaluation of methods of measuring energy poverty; systematization of basic indicators for energy poverty, clarification of key methodological issues for its quantification; analysis of socio-demographic and economic factors impacting energy poverty; assessment of different types of policies to reduce energy poverty; assessment of the elasticity of energy poverty from changes in energy consumption, type of heating, household income level and others; assessment of households attitude towards energy efficiency.


Member of BSERC, Expert in lighting

Boris is an electrical engineer, lighting specialist, designer, expert in outdoor lighting systems. He has got 20 years of professional experience in the field of energy efficient modernization of lighting systems. He has participated in a number of projects funded by Bulgarian and EU sources and programmes in lighting of public and industrial buildings, street lighting reconstruction of Bulgarian municipalities, modernization of industrial and street lighting in Europe.

Prof. Totyo TOTEV

Coal expert

Prof. Totev is Dean of the Faculty of Power Engineering and Power Machines at the Technical University – Sofia, full professor since 2015. He is author and co-author of more than 100 scientific publications and 3 textbooks. Prof. Totev has managed over 70 research and development projects. His research interests and activities have been related to the utilization of lignite coal from the Maritsa East basin for production of electricity. In particular, he works on the assessment of coal characteristics; technologies for preparation of coal for burning; efficiency of combustion process; assessment of the pollution caused by the burning of organic fuels; pollution control technologies applied in coal burning.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Borislav TRAYKOV

Expert in transport

Borislav Traykov is a lecturer at the Department of Engines, Automotive Machinery and Transport at the Technical University of Sofia. His main qualifications cover electrical equipment and electronic systems of the car, engines, vehicle diagnostics, alternative fuels, renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, transport organization. He has got extensive practical experience in the organization and organization of maintenance, diagnostics, design and development of electric vehicles, including fuel cells. B. Traykov is author and co-author of 4 monographs, 4 textbooks, 2 tutorials, 42 scientific and technical publications. He has been representative in the 7FP Transport Program Committee to the European Commission and the Transport Program Committee in Horizon 2020.

Dr. Momchil VASSILEV

Member of BSERC, Expert in energy efficiency of buildings and industry

Momchil is a Doctor in Industrial Thermal Engineering, with vast experience in building and industrial energy efficiency improvement. The numerous projects he has participated in involved building energy modelling and simulation, energy auditing, generation of energy efficiency measures, risk analysis, evaluation of energy efficiency projects. Momchil Vassilev is lecturer in the National Training Sheme for independent building energy auditors and member of the Bulgarian Association for Energy Analyses in Buildings and Industry.