MEDEAS documentary

05 March 2019

MEDEAS created a short documentary film about the project main aims and key results. The film includes viewpoints on energy matters of general public, industry and stakeholders; the state of the a ...

News from MEDEAS

28 January 2019

The January 2019 issue of the MEDEAS newsletter presents the main outcomes and results of the se ...

7 principles for energy-SSH in Horizon Europe

14 January 2019

The SHAPE ENERGY ‘Research & Innovation Agenda 2020-2030’ has just been launched. It is aiming to highlight how energy-SSH can be better embedded into energy policymaking, innovati ...

Latest MEDEAS newsletter

15 August 2018

The publication could be approached here. For more interesting updates and useful information, ma ...

Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) 2018

14 May 2018

The cluster LCE-21-2015, consisting of four Horizon 2020 projects (SET-NAV, MEDEAS, REEEM, REFLEX) working on “Modelling and analysing the energy system, its transformation and impacts&rdquo ...

EU-MERCI, the result of the European project dedicated to energy efficiency in the industrial sector

05 February 2018

In two years 2,900 energy efficiency projects have been collected and cataloged in a database freely accessible by industries wishing to invest in energy saving

After two years of ...