The future is renewable and efficient – website-launch on sustainable heating and cooling

12 February 2020

Half of Europe's energy consumption is used for heating or cooling. And 80 million heating and cooling systems are inefficient. REPLACE, the new EU-project, is helping to change that with service-oriented boiler-replacement campaigns in 9 countries. A first glimpse is now possible on REPLACE’s freshly launched website.

If old heating-boilers cause frowns to one or the other owner, the new website can be a good place to go. The website provides practical information on the change towards sustainable heating and cooling systems. The sites’ coverage is broad and targets 10 regions from Western over Middle to South-Eastern Europe, providing information in 9 languages:

The website is made for all the people involved in heating and cooling systems: consumers and consumer organisations, public authorities, intermediaries like chimney sweepers or installers, as well as investors and building owners. In which ways they can profit from REPLACE can be found out on the website. It will display, over project duration, e.g. training material for intermediaries who intend to implement sustainable systems or technical handbooks with planning guidance und financing options, easy to understand guidelines for end consumers explaining technical equipment and economic aspects, or an online calculator that guides all target groups through the replacement of heating ovens and boilers and helps to assess energy savings, monetary savings as well as benefits such as comfort or air quality. Site visitors can check if the project is being implemented in their region as well, and can get in touch with a regional contact person. And at listed events people can get a first hand impression of sustainable heating and cooling systems.

The website is part of the research and innovation project REPLACE – and like the project itself, it has just kicked off and is now in constant progress. Since half of Europe's energy consumption is used for heating or cooling, and 80 million out of 120 million units are inefficient, the project has one main goal: It aims at motivating and supporting people in nine different countries to replace their old systems with more environmentally friendly alternatives. Simple renovation measures that reduce overall energy consumption are also part of the programme. After five years of campaign implementation, 144,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas shall be saved each year. The Austrian Energy Agency manages the programme which is financed by the EU within the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme. A total of 11 project partners in nine countries will join forces and make heating and cooling in Euope cleaner and more efficient. The countries where REPLACE is in action, are Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Spain.