Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) 2018

14 May 2018, 25-26 September 2018, Brussels

The cluster LCE-21-2015, consisting of four Horizon 2020 projects (SET-NAV, MEDEAS, REEEM, REFLEX) working on “Modelling and analysing the energy system, its transformation and impacts”, organizes the Second Meeting of an Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) 2018, hosted on September 25th and 26th by the European Commission, DG Research & Innovation in Brussels.

The EMP-E culminates in a yearly conference, bringing together scientists and policy makers to discuss cutting edge energy modelling issues. Stakeholders are provided with a peer-reviewed digest of model and policy insights for European energy scenario. The platform serves as a continuous forum for exchanging research, development and practice of energy system modelling in Europe and, where feasible, promote the sharing of data and resources. It thus shall increase the efficiency, integrity and access to European energy modelling data, scenarios, tools and results.


The agenda of this year’s meeting of the Energy Modelling Platform includes three plenary sessions with key themes to be highlighted being ‘modelling of behavioural aspects’, ‘integrated modelling of energy and resource efficiency’ as well as ‘innovation in the energy transition’. The active involvement of EC representatives and leading researchers will ensure bridging the gap between modelling and policy making at European, regional and local level.

Beyond that, the participants will have the possibility to participate in up to three out of nine focus groups, which deal with specialised topics, such as ‘open databases and open modelling’. Most focus group are set up and headed by researchers from either SET-NAV, MEDEAS, REFLEX or REEEM projects but there is room left for proactive contribution from participants' side.

Further details regarding participation, registration and the full program will follow shortly. All information and updates of the event are published on the homepage: